The Arts

La Donna Forsgren Black Artists Matter
La Donna Forsgren, Associate Professor of Film, Television, and Theatre

Understood as much more than programming, the arts serve as a means by which communities of color assert a recuperative sense of identity. Therefore, the Initiative integrates the arts into all three foci.

In terms of research, the Initiative will promote the arts as a form of scholarship, a means of knowing and interpreting the past and the contemporary moment, as well as a means of envisioning alternative futures. 

In terms of education, the arts will offer students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to learn more about BIPOC communities.

Relative to community empowerment, the arts will be a central vehicle through which Notre Dame moves beyond its campus to support and celebrate communities of color in the greater Michiana area and beyond.

The artist-in-residence program serves as the engine for the Initiative's efforts in the arts. Each year, the Initiative will host an artist (writer, visual artist, dancer, musician, filmmaker, etc.) whose work is rooted in a community of color. They will present their artistic productions, visit classes focused on their work, and present their work in venues beyond the Notre Dame campus, either in the greater Michiana community, or virtually in partnering communities across the globe, or both.