Prof. Moreno's book "Crossing Waters" receives Isis Duarte Book Prize honorable mention from the Haiti-DR Section of the Latin American Studies Association

Author: Pauline Namuleme

Crossing Waters

The Isis Duarte Prize Committee expressed the following about Moreno's work:

"Marisel Moreno’s Crossing Waters is a groundbreaking exploration of literary and artistic representations of undocumented migrants within the Hispanophone Caribbean. In compellingly fluid prose, Moreno argues that the precarious intra-island journeys of these people participate in the symbolic decolonizing of the region, collectively resisting the violence wrought by colonialism and U.S. Empire. Alongside the Haiti/Dominican Republic land border and the Atlantic seabed resonant with submerged human histories, the liquid borders of the Caribbean archipelago serve as both bridge and divide. Moreno’s innovative comparative study shows how previously invisible patterns of crossing afford a narrative counter-mapping of border and North-South discourses."