Gender Violence and Discrimination in Puerto Rico


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Bárbara Abadía-Rexach

Join us for a talk by Dr. Bárbara Abadía-Rexach, member and organizer of Colectivo Ilé, and an assistant professor of AfroLatinidades in the Latina/Latino Studies Department at San Francisco State University.

She is a native Black Puerto Rican writer and public intellectual whose research focuses on Afro-Latinxs, Latinxs in the U.S., Latin American Studies, Racialization, Blackness, Identity Formation, Popular Culture, Music & Race in Puerto Rico, Media Studies, Black Hispanic Caribbean & African Diaspora.  

This event is part of Puerto Rican Week 2021, organized by the Puerto Rican Student Association. Other events include "Climate Change and Energy in Puerto Rico" on Monday, April 26 and "Political Activism and History of Puerto Ricans" on Tuesday, April 27.

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